July 16, 2013

The Practice of Furry Faces, with Norah Levine

Photographer Norah Levine focuses primarily on commissioned portraits, editorial, and stock photography, and works actively with animal organizations to create awareness and support for their cause. Here she shares her thoughts on getting started in the heart-warming arena of pet photography.

"I was recently asked to photograph a marketing campaign for an Austin-area animal welfare organization. The project involved photographing clients as they arrived for appointments at the clinic. 

The photo sessions were quick (usually 10 minutes or less), so I enjoyed the challenge of quickly but thoughtfully capturing the unique faces with my camera. 

If you're looking to get started in pet photography, I highly recommend getting as many furry faces in front of your lens as possible. Find a simple background and shoot away. Variety is your friend and, oh, such good practice!"

Norah shares tricks of the pet portrait trade, including the importance of using props, forging a playful connection between photographer and subject, and discerning the all-important details regarding a pet’s behavior, in her upcoming workshop.

with Norah Levine 
July 31 - August 3, 2013


xclimber said...

Great advice, but how do you keep from getting so engaged with the animals that you forget to take the photos...? =:o)

Norah Levine Photography said...

It certainly CAN be an issue! (Part of the reason I ended up with 5 rescue animals)...