April 30, 2012

Ruminations with Kurt Markus

This is about now, right? What's happening now. Yesterday is gone and digested, tomorrow is too far away, so here I am, looking out my window, surrounded (or entombed?) by this and that, pictures and whatnot, the tide of life sweeping in, covering all the available surfaces, pretty soon there won't be room for me. Just as well.  

I'm supposed to be writing about portraits but I don't feel like it (at this moment).  I'd rather look at the trees down below the studio, and think about the book Tom Russell (look him up, he's something else) sent me. It's about his paintings; I love them. The work inspires me. It's so primitive, primal, and unschooled, that the message seems to be: pick up a brush yourself, you can do it. Another message I get is: damn, I love looking at his paintings!  

Is there a lesson in any of this?  I hope not.  It's just me, looking out the window, and ruminating.

Learn more about what Kurt thinks about, and how he makes his portraits, in:

The Portrait: Finding Your Voice
with Kurt Markus
June 24 - June 29, 2012

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