April 9, 2012

Establishing A Point of View, with Arthur Meyerson

Every time I show this photograph, people turn their heads sideways because they are certain that it is not being projected correctly. But it is correct! Taken in Hong Kong, the “green” is the side of a tenement building with laundry being extended from the unseen balconies.

In photography there are always at least two points of view … your personal statement, and the place you position yourself to make your photograph. Too often we are attracted to a subject but don’t spend the time necessary to find the best spot to record it. This is where point of view steps in. The angle that you select to make your photograph from can make the difference between just documenting it to making it something exceptional.

Join Arthur this June for his 20th season with The Workshops and explore your photographic “point of view” in his world-renowned class, "The Color of Light":

The Color of Light
with Arthur Meyerson
June 24 - June 29, 2012

See more of Arthur's point of view on his web site, www.arthurmeyerson.com.

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