August 11, 2011

Overcoming the Creative Roadblock with Leasha Overturf

Quite often creative people hit creative roadblocks. It can range from not having any ideas to having so many ideas you can’t determine which is the right one for the moment.

When I hit a roadblock I often turn to self-assignments. One kind of self-assignment I do is to giving myself the challenge of a new technical approach. This helps me get outside of my head and away from the “over-thinking it” process. One of my favorites it to only photograph within “touching distance” of my subject. I have to be close enough to touch the person or I don’t make the portrait.

My other favorite self-assignment is self-portraits. The best thing is you are always available for yourself. There are no excuses of, “oh, I don’t have anyone to photograph, so I can’t shoot.” If you have yourself, you always have an image to be made.

Consider it … Pick up your camera and give yourself project!

Learn more from Leasha in the workshop she co-teaches with Paul Elledge

The Contemporary Black-and-White Portrait
with Paul Elledge and Leasha Overturf
October 12 - October 15, 2011

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