January 21, 2010

Instructor Insight: David Tejada Teams Up with Small Flashes

No more power packs or strobe heads with cables for me! I’ve committed to using speedlights on assignment when ever possible. This allows me the creative freedom to express my vision without relying on the heavy and cumbersome power packs of the past.

The easy use of these strobes allows more spontaneity when shooting. It really takes no time at all to change things up for a totally different looking image. It’s fun knowing that I can transform a location into whatever mood I want it to be. Even if you only carry one small strobe, by learning how to utilize the existing ambient light, you can create a two light solution for your pictures.

My tip of the day… Shift your camera white balance to tungsten, gelling a single strobe with a full cut CTO and combine it with the existing light. You can create a two-color light source solution for your photo.

Learn how to achieve studio quality light from your small strobes with David in his workshop
Small Strobes, Big Results
February 21-27 (full)

Visit his web site www.tejadaphoto.com and blog david.tejada.blogspot.com to see what he's up to.

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